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Israel Single Mother Financial Support

Saving Poor Single Mother Families In Israel From The Devastating Effects Of Hunger And Poverty

Single Mothers In Israel Suffer Persistent Poverty Without Help Even If They Work

What Single Mothers Are Mostly Asking Help For

Food Packages
Clothing Drives
Activities and Trips
Financial Aid for Additional Expenses

Single Mothers In Israel Need Supplemented Income For

Holiday Shopping

Family Occasions


Loans For Education

The Grim Facts About Single Mother Poverty In Israel

  • Single-parent families are among the most poverty stricken in Israel
  • 90% of single-parent families in Israel are headed by women
  • Single mothers earn less per hour and work more hours a week than married mothers
  • In Israel the single-mother family's monthly expenses exceed their income
  • There is a significant increase in poverty among single-mother families in Israel
  • Single-mothers in Israel a poor even if they work full-time and have only one child

Show That You Understand And Care Deeply About Persistent Povety Of Single Mothers In Israel