Financial Aid For Struggling Mothers, Children and lone single seniors In Israel to eliminate Hunger And Poverty

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the grim facts about single mothers in israel

On The Rise

More and more single-mother families are poverty stricken

Poverty Stricken

Single-parent families are among the most poverty stricken in Israel

Work More And Earn Less

Single mothers in Israel earn less per hours and work more hours

Expenses Exceed Income

Single-mother family's monthly expenses surpasses their income

Employed With One Child

Working single mothers remain poor in Israel even with one child

read the full israeli poverty report

aid packages

This is what your charity Money goes for

While other things help, the most pressing need of single  mothers in Israel is supplemental income in times of financial stress. 

holiday shopping

Holiday Shoppping

We distribute pre-loaded shopping cards before Sukkot and Pesach so single mothers in Israel can buy food and clothing for Yomtov.

family occasions

Family Occasions

Weddings and Bar/Bat Mitzvas cost a fortune. We give financial aid so single mothers can cover the huge bills and celebrate joyously.



Single mothers in Israel can barely feed and clothe their families. We pay for utility cutoffs, medical supplies and other sudden costs.



Single moms in Israel want to be independent. We provide 0% interest loans for training and business startups. 

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Single-mother family in Israel

Hear It Directly From Rachel

My name is Rachel and I am a single mother of five children, ages 14, 11, 9, 7, and 5. Their father left us four and a half years ago, providing no support since then.

what grows and expands as it diminishes?

What increases when given away?

Experiencing reduced income? This what Jewish sages advise. One who sees his livelihood diminishing should give charity. (Tractate Gitin 7a) This is advice? It’s entirely

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