6 Reasons Why We Are The Best Charity In Israel

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Women Priority; Israel Charity; Poorest Sector; 100% Non-Profit; Jewish Continuity: Multiple Mitzvot
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1  Women have priority in receiving charity:

    According to Jewish Law, supporting poor women takes precedence, because it is much harder for a woman to find work or ask for handouts.

Think about it, who will take care of the children if single mothers are expected to take on more jobs or go around collecting money to feed their families?

2  Giving to poor people living in Israel is equivalent to helping poor people in your city:

Normally, you’re obligated to help the needy who live near you first. The poor people of Israel take exception to this law. When you give to poor single mothers living in Israel, it is considered as if you are giving to poor people living in your vicinity.

3  Donating to help the poorest takes precedence over all other giving to the poor:

Israeli single mothers are among the poorest population group. According to Israel’s National Insurance, a single mother with only one child is doomed to a life of persistent poverty, unless she gets outside help. Our average single mother has 6 children who she can’t feed without supplemented income.

4  We are 100% non-profit:

Most big organizations have huge overhead and advertising costs. We are a small organization that’s run by volunteers, and an anonymous donor pays for office costs. This means that the money you donate reaches the needy in substantial amounts. Unfortunately this is not the case with many other organizations. After paying hefty fees and salaries there is very little left for the needy.

5  Ensuring Jewish continuity and social justice:

A single mother who works isn’t always able to provide supervision for her children. This puts the family at risk for mental and social breakdown. By helping with financial aid you are influencing the social structure of future generations in Israel. Hungry, neglected children are the breeding ground for crime and dysfunction.

6  Multiple mitzvot fulfilled with a single donation:

Multiple MitzvotBecause our recipients include widows, converts,  new immigrants, cancer patients, mental health patients, handicapped individuals etc. you are fulfilling multiple mitzvot every time you donate.

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There are thousands of Israeli families living below the poverty line, but single parent families are stuck in persistent poverty and receive the least of charity dollars. Support single mother families in Israel so they can enjoy equal opportunity and thrive.

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