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Single Mother Families Poverty Loop!

Israel Single Mother Families

ISRAEL SINGLE MOTHER FAMILIES DIGNIFIED AID FAQ How is Imahot B’Yisroel saving single-mother families in Israel from hunger and poverty? Without supplemental income, single-mother families in Israel are doomed to a life of persistent poverty and no hope of leaving the poverty loop. (Israel National Insurance report). Among the reasons for this is because the … Read more Single Mother Families Poverty Loop!

Passover 2020

Passover Table 2020

FOR SINGLE MOTHERS IN ISRAEL, PASSOVER SPELLS CRISIS There are hundreds and thousands of Israeli families living below the poverty line, but single parent families are stuck in persistent poorness. Unfortunately they receive the least of charity dollars, especially when the mother is at the head of the family as is the case with 90% … Read more Passover 2020

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There's no justification for My not emailing earlier!

I do not have enough words to Thank You. In the middle of such strange times you still went out of your way to help us, without even knowing us! Such tremendous kindness! It helped us get food for the body, but even more for the heart and soul.

Thank you once again. Thank you.

May Hashem bless all your projects and your donors with abundance and honor.

Hope you are doing well,
Kind regards,

Paula L. and Family