Covid-19 Disaster

covid-19 ongoing financial distaster for single mothers in israel

The corona-virus Covid-19 pandemic completely shook up the economy, leaving a million Israelis unemployed. However, single mothers are among the hardest hit by the economic fallout due to Covid-19.

Self-employed single mothers are suffering from the economic calamity that Israel is trying to extricate itself from. Middle-aged self-employed single mothers in the elderly care field had to stop working four months ago and now are drowning in debt without having a way to get out of it! And hundreds of young employed single mothers were laid off due to Covid-19 without remuneration!

Many of them are in dire situations because of this crisis. Some families with 6 children are in danger of being evicted because of overdue rent that can’t be paid! If we don’t step in to help them, the effects of Covid-19 will be a nightmare for the entire Israeli economy!

Ont top of this, the ongoing recession is expected to last until the end of 2020. With national significant lower spending and widespread business closures, many single mothers face unemployment in the coming months without benefits, and are left to cope with zero income!

We are barraged with  SOS calls from single mothers in Israel who are desperate for financial assistance, and do our best to help them on a one to one basis. 

Jews are responsible for one another.  Throughout the generations and to the present times, Jews took the obligation to help the poor and the weak very seriously, donating charity with open hands. In the Middle Ages, charity boxes and plates were circulated in homes, in the synagogue on the eve of major holidays, including gifts to the poor on Purim, in the women’s section of the house of prayer, in the cemetery, or wherever the populace assembled.

Nowadays,  Jewish people continue giving charity (much more than the rest of the population) especially to the poor in Israel and make sure there is social justice and equal opportunity. 

We cannot close our eyes to the hundreds of single mothers in Israel and leave them facing  the Covid-19 financial nightmare all alone!

There are thousands of Israeli families living below the poverty line, but single parent families are stuck in persistent poorness. Unfortunately they receive the least of charity dollars, especially when the mother is at the head of the family as is the case with 90% of single parent homes in Israel. Let’s change this and support single mother families in Israel so they can enjoy equal opportunity and thrive in Israel.

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